Community Oriented

Your Local Market

32nd Street Market at Paradise Valley Community College is a community-oriented place where all our North Valley neighbors can come to find local produce, handcrafted items, and homemade foods. It’s also a space where you can bring your family to enjoy the beautiful college campus as you gather to eat, chat with neighbors, and enjoy occasional entertainment.

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Market Favorites

Everyone is LOVING our Produce…Even the Children!

We try to have a little bit of something for everyone. We have partnered with 5 local smaller farm and ranchers that are LOCAL in Arizona. We have also partnered with a couple of Local Grown Gardens in the Valley. These Gardeners and Farm and Ranchers are not big enough to send people to the market but HARVEST their crop for us to be able to have Produce for you in the Local Community. Most of these farms, ranches, and gardens do not use any chemical pesticides. Rather, they use all Organic measures when growing their crops. Some of them are in the process to become Certified but it can take many Years for the process.